Take control in the ant game (jeu de fourmis)

The Ideal Variant of free online game (jeu gratuit en ligne) which players can find to their own entertainment.
Everything The absolute most fanatics of a strategy game desire would be at warfare, the game in Nature.

A great Adventure at the same time you make the colony you want and protect yourself from the impressive predators.
Enemies Will appear everywhere and also the only real way to prevail will be to utilize the strategy and tools .

Discover How termites, spiders, ants and bees work to protect themselves and build large colonies.

Get your Own resources and experience all the task of one’s enemies in the bloodiest conflicts in the stadium.
Take Controller from the ant game (jeu de fourmis) and safeguard your colony just as far as possible. Get the leadership and become the warrior, while fighting all the enemies.

Exercise Adventures throughout all levels, although your colony grows, buildings are built by you, create alliances and fights against enemies that are adorable at a habitat.
A strategy game (jeu de strategie) is really a Unique obstacle, where victory depends on a decision, where you talk with many players at the same moment.
Nature in War is the best strategy game that the gamer can put into training all his skills in a means to immerse yourself from the crazy world of nature.

Maintaining Advancement in Nature at warfare is simple, you need to employ your game tactics and proceed, challenging enemies and predators and while fighting the most indescribable.
Whatever your Fighting and organizational skills will be constantly analyzed, from the game’s beginning.
Boost your Colony from fight and nothing to bring your entire community into power.